Easter Egg Hunts: Calling All Seekers

The commercialization of Easter often bothers Christians, but there is one part of it that reminds me of a great spiritual truth. Easter Egg Hunts.

There is nothing more inspiring than a line of children waiting by the starting line for the magical, “Go!” Then their off, searching under every single rock and twig for a bright colored egg.

And don’t even think you can distract them, steal their eggs or even keep one for yourself. They will straight away inform you that adults aren’t allowed to hunt the eggs.

As a mom I have developed a survival strategy for egg hunting. You see, there is that little thing called the Easter induced sugar rush that many children fall prey to by the end of the day.

They bounce, hop, ping-pong and Tigger themselves everywhere. Keeping up with them would wear out Richard Simmons and you all know how hard that is to do.

My survival technique: hide change not candy. They get some candy at different times of the day, but not so much on the egg hunt.

What great spiritual truth is found in an Easter Egg Hunt?

The heart of a seeker. Kids won’t let anything keep them from finding that last egg. They will climb under porches, scale fences and just about anything to find what they are seeking.

The Bible tells us to be seekers:

“You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Jeremiah 29:13

Do you seek God with all of your heart? Are you an Egg Hunt Jesus Seeker?

What is the craziest or funniest thing you have seen someone do to get an Easter Egg?


About Michelle Lim

Author Michelle Lim is the Brainstorming/Huddle Coach with My Book Therapy Press and the Midwest Zone Director for American Christian Fiction Writers. Michelle’s romantic suspense is represented by Karen Solem of Spencillhill Associates and has gained contest recognition in the Frasier, the Genesis, and the Phoenix Rattler, winning the Genesis in 2015 for her genre. Michelle writes devotionals for The Christian Pulse Online Magazine and Putting On The New. Since her nonfiction book release, Idea Sparking: How To Brainstorm Conflict In Your Novel, through public speaking and online chats Michelle helps writers discover the revolutionary power of brainstorming to bring new life to their stories.

4 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunts: Calling All Seekers

  1. Do you know how many years since I’ve hunted eggs???? But anyway…seeking God with all our heart. He put that desire in us, but we have to take that first step.

  2. Michelle Lim says:

    Oh, it was just yesterday, Pat….as a ninety year old friend used to tell my grandmother in her 70s, “You’re just a kid yet.”

  3. I love your comparison today. My granddaughter came over for an egg hunt today. She’s only two and we hid some in the backyard.
    She’d squat down in the garden and look around to get a better view, then she’s squeal and run. “I found one.” She’d grab it up and show us all. “I got one!”
    Now I’m thinking how God would probably like to see a little more enthusiasm from me.
    Thanks for sharing today, and Happy Easter!
    Jackie L.

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